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Our management team and employees represent the best in their fields. Our experience beings in network construction, tower work, installation, public safety, business management, and project design to deliver you the best solution for your problems.

Brent J. Mortensen


Brent Mortensen  is responsible for Quality Assurance and management of the CONNX Carrier Communication Observer™, a multi-tiered, cluster-able Network Management System.

Brent was a Director of Technology for ATS Ventures, a global consulting group focusing on delivering global corporate solutions. He has participated in projects in over 50 countries for Fortune 500 companies. Brent has 15 years of project management experience having managed projects on all 5 continents and worked directly with each of the major consulting firms. Brent has a BS degree in Accounting and a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from Brigham Young University.

Jeffrey T. Blank

Chief Technology Officer – In Counsel

Jeff Blank is a co-founder of CONXX, and the principal architect of AllCoNet and AllCoNet2, a multi-use wireless network spanning over 500 square miles, covering the greater part of Allegany County, Maryland.

Jeff’s experience includes the development of CONXX’s patented network architecture and network management technology that constitutes the basis of Conxx network solutions. Jeff is a nationally recognized authority in wireless systems, specializing in WAN applications for municipal governments, utilities, schools, and airports. He also has extensive experience in designing, installing, and operating carrier-class high-speed wide area networks using fiber, leased lines, and licensed and license exempt wireless spectrums.

His development experience includes high availability power regulation systems. He served on the FCC-FAA-Cisco White Paper Committee on Highly Secure Wireless Applications.

He has designed and implemented solutions both in the United States and in China.

David E. Kartchner

Executive Vice-President

David Kartchner is Executive Vice President and co-founder of CONXX. He was Vice President of Network Technology at UCN, an advanced services telecommunication provider, where he specialized in VoIP applications.

He was responsible for the strategic planning and integration of I-Link VoIP network and MyACD network-based call center technology into the UCN network. David was owner of Telecom Service Bureau, a charter agent firm for US West and Qwest Communications and was part of the startup team for the Salt Lake City operations of Phoenix Fiberlink. He was also a senior consultant with the Tanner Group, with experience in network LAN/WAN design and engineering, network optimization, call center, and telecommunication technology.

Todd A. Tanner

Executive Vice-President

Todd Tanner is a co-founder and the Executive Vice President of CONXX.

Todd was the principal and founder of the Tanner Group, an independent telecommunications consultancy with offices in Salt Lake City, Utah and Denver, Colorado.

For 24 years, he specialized in strategic telecommunications planning, owner representation, and feasibility analysis. Todd has presented highly rated seminars and published articles in the management of contact centers, telecommunications, applied technology, marketing, and high-speed network integration and design. He is a contributor to Business Communications Review and quoted in the Wall Street Journal among others.

Todd is a certified Benchmarking Auditor and Bell Systems traffic engineer.

He has a degree in Marketing from the University of Utah School of Business. Prior to entering the telecommunications consulting field, Mr. Tanner received national recognition and awards in marketing, consumer package design and medical equipment development.